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Get personalized coaching from a FAANG designer.

“The confidence and skills I acquired during my time at xSpaceship opened many doors for me to interview for product design positions at prominent companies such as Coinbase, Squarespace, Scholastic, LinkedIn, Paycom, Sirius XM, and IPG Health.”

- Billy Wu, Parsons School of Design, NYC

Tung Pham

Founder @ xSpaceship. Previously @ WhatsApp (Meta), UberEats, WeWork, and various well-known startups.

“I brought a decade of experience designing at world-class tech firms to you through this coaching program. I firmly believe that anyone can achieve a successful design career through excellent career coaching.”

Top career blockers

  • “It’s been 6 months and I applied to 32 roles. Yet no one contacts me for a job.”
  • “My portfolio isn’t high quality and realistic. I took an UX bootcamp course and my instructor didn’t care to give me detailed and personalized feedback.”
  • “I bombed my interview.”
  • “My future employer low-balled me.”
  • “I can’t get a promotion.”

How I can help

  • Review your portfolio, projects, and resume
  • Improve your design skills through personalized technical coaching
  • Brush up your interview skills through mock interviews, app critique, and jam sessions.
  • Ask me anything