Rent rooms and find roommates in a verified community.

Roomi 2021

Roomi is the largest social network for roommates. It’s a dynamic marketplace where people can get verified, matched based on compatibility, search for their ideal rooms, and post their rooms for rent.

We partnered with the Roomi team to revamp the mobile applications on iOS and Android, with a common goal to streamline user experience and maximize values to users.

1 — Getting started

After downloading the application, users can already browse listing without signing up. This lowers the barrier to entry and enable users to get values out of the application immediately. The sign up experience is extremely simple with only a few basic questions. Users will then go through a phone verification to guarantee maximum security.

2 — Finding a place to stay

To find rooms and apartments, users go to the very first tab - Listings. Here users can scroll through thousands of listings with a high-level overview with important information. Tapping on each listing reveals a detailed screen that show case comprehensive and well-organized information, such as layouts, capacity, host profile, amenities, house rules, transportations, and more.

To ensure that we are showing the best results. We have designed a robust filtering system, which enable users to tailor their search in various requirements, such as Location, neighborhood, listing type, number of beds, baths, budget, etc.

3 — Searching for roomate

Finding a roommate is like dating. We use an algorithm to give you the best roommate matches. The experience is gamified to make the search fun. We designed a rich profile experience that brings out diverse personalities.

4 — Getting verified

Roomi’s biggest value proposition is being the safest social network with robust background verifications. We created digital touch points that appeared at the right moments to educate users about how Roomi verifies users and at the same time, prompt user to get verified.

5 — Boosts